Simms Fishing Products Simms Guide Windbloc Foldover Mitt
Simms Guide Windbloc Foldover Mitt
There are tasks, like knot tying, that simply require the dexterity of warm, bare fingers. That's why we designed the Guide Windbloc Foldover Mitt. This windproof mitt is for the dedicated angler who does not care what the forecast says about temps and st
Simms Fishing Products Simms Wool Half Finger Glove
Simms Wool Half Finger Glove
Cold water, worn axe handles, knot tying, oar handles, line stripping. We ask a lot of our hands. Treat yours to our Wool Half Finger Glove. This everyday glove gives you warmth and moisture-wicking that only wool offers, plus freedom for your fingertips
Patagonia Patagonia Sun Gloves
Patagonia Sun Gloves
If you’ve ever tried strip-setting on a 150-pound tarpon with greasy, sunscreen-coated hands, you already know why we made our Sun Gloves. It’s the same for hanging onto cork when a big bone streaks for the horizon or the oar handles as you drop into Oak
Buff Buff Solar Glove
Buff Solar Glove
The Buff Sunglove offers a slightly heavier build than many sun gloves, offering enhanced durability and a warmer feel on those chilly mornings.
Simms Fishing Products Simms Ultra-Wool Core 3-Finger Liner Glove
Simms Ultra-Wool Core 3-Finger Liner Glove
Cold hands can end a day on the water earlier than planned. Our Ultra-Wool Core 3-Finger Liner relies on the natural insulation and wicking of wool to keep your digits warm and you fishing. The three-finger style leaves your most important fingertips free
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